Cops Want Their Own Fidget Spinners

The 1934’s were filled with Shirly Temple Dolls, a time when they were all the craze. Later, the Stars Wars figures started to fly off the shelves, followed by Transformers in 1984. Now, years later, fidget spinners are the new mania. Over six months, total revenue from fidget spinners has increased by 3.8%, resulting in over $3.2 million made over six months. That has beat almost every small, plastic toy ever created.

The Bradenton Police Department USA is now looking to join in with the community and share the enthusiasm for the new toy. They want to spend about $2,000 on purchasing up to 1,000 fidget spinners with a customized twist by adding the ”BPD” ( Bradenton) logo into the promotional fidget spinners. They decided to advertise themselves as a fun community where as much as they may help, spending time with their local residents is also something they choose to do, rather than have to do. After the fidget spinners start to take popularity in Bradenton, the police department is considering purchasing more fidget spinners

A BPD inter-office announcement on Wednesday’s city council mentioned that the new plastic toys, ”have become a popular toy and have been advertised as a way for students to focus nervous energy into the toy, rather than violently and verbal”.

The message addressed to police Chief Melanie Bevan conveys that the new fidget spinners will be used for both fundraisers to benefit the department’s Explorer Program and as a community method to outreach to them in times for help.

The message says, ”All money gathered from the sale of fidget spinners will be used to support the needs of the Explorer Program associated with the Explorer Program include equipment, competitions, and training,”.

The fidget spinners will be used for a number things:

– Promotional fidget spinners used to promote the police department
By allowing the community to know that the fidget spinners the Bradenton police department is distributing are to help people gain knowledge of their services, more people will be aware of the selfless community willing to help anytime, anywhere.

Fidget spinners will be given away to attendees during upcoming community events
By allowing the community to see how the police department is not only giving the fidget spinners away to children and teenagers but to adults as well, it encourages more people to join the fundraising campaign and support the cause.

Using fidget spinners as common interest to interact with students
Most students will purchase these fidget spinners. There are studies that show if something is advertised on social media constantly, the mind’s subconscious will decide that it should own that object; in this case, a fidget spinner. Either that or child’s friend’s group will most likely own fidget spinners, which motivates him/her also to have one.

Creating positive experiences for anyone of any community policing program
By having a source of entertainment for a low price will create positive experiences for anyone. This will only encourage the community to have trust in the police department for being able not only to help their town but to provide humanly relaxations and comfort for anyone.

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